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Background Report Errors

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All too often background reports contain errors.  For example, your background report may contain information that does not belong to you; information that is outdated; or information that is incomplete.  When these types of errors occur they can have lasting consequences, including the loss of credit opportunities, denial of employment, denial of insurance coverage, and even the loss of housing.  

The FCRA attorneys at The Weiner Law Firm LLC specialize in correcting both the errors in consumer background reports, as well as correcting the consequences of those errors.  

If you've lost credit, employment, housing, insurance, or any other benefit because an error in a background report, please contact the background report lawyers at The Weiner Law Firm LLC to discuss your rights.  Likewise, if you have found an error in your background report, we can help you clear it up before it leads to problems.   

The Weiner Law Firm LLC

Despite the fact that most employees are at-will employees, they do have rights under federal and state laws that cannot be violated. If you believe your employer has discriminated against you, harassed you, withheld wages that are owed to you, or violated your rights with respect to a background report, please contact us.

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Even if you are not sure of the law and whether your employer violated your rights, we would be pleased to discuss your concerns with you. There is no charge to learn your rights.