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Class actions are lawsuits brought on behalf of multiple individuals who have suffered similar harms due to a defendant's policy or practice.  Class actions can vary in size from hundreds of class members upwards of several million individuals.  

When appropriate, class actions serve several significant social benefit.  Oftentimes they are the only method to deter a company's wrongful behavior, particularly if each individual member's damages might be small.  For example, where a bank overcharges customers $5 each, there is little incentive for individuals to bring lawsuits against the bank for such a small recovery, and there is little incentive for lawyers to pursue an individual lawsuit for a $5 case.  In the absence of a class action, the bank would get away with its illegal conduct and potentially make millions of dollars off its customers.  The class action allows consumer to aggregate their claims so that each class member can recover for their claims, and the bank will have a powerful disincentive to stop its illegal practice.

The attorneys at the Weiner Law Firm LLC have litigated numerous class actions, with a particular emphasis on claims under the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair Labor Standards Act.  Not all cases are appropriate for class treatment, but if you believe your rights have been violated, please contact the attorneys at The Weiner Law Firm LLC to discuss your rights.

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Despite the fact that most employees are at-will employees, they do have rights under federal and state laws that cannot be violated. If you believe your employer has discriminated against you, harassed you, withheld wages that are owed to you, or violated your rights with respect to a background report, please contact us.

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Even if you are not sure of the law and whether your employer violated your rights, we would be pleased to discuss your concerns with you. There is no charge to learn your rights.