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Our Promise to Our Clients

We promise to:

  • fight for you;

  • put your best interests first;

  • value you;

  • communicate with you honestly and openly;

  • give you all of the information you need;

  • spend as much time with you as you need;

  • return all of your phone calls and emails promptly;

  • understand that you are a person and more than just a case;

AND never lose sight that you are our client.

The Weiner Law Firm LLC

Despite the fact that most employees are at-will employees, they do have rights under federal and state laws that cannot be violated. If you believe your employer has discriminated against you, harassed you, withheld wages that are owed to you, or violated your rights with respect to a background report, please contact us.

Contact Us Today!

Even if you are not sure of the law and whether your employer violated your rights, we would be pleased to discuss your concerns with you. There is no charge to learn your rights.